Daniel Craig a.k.a. James Bond and His Signature Glasses

Daniel Craig a.k.a. James Bond and His Signature Glasses

Introducing Daniel Craigthe man behind the tuxedo, the rugged face of Hollywood, and the epitome of 007 style! With a career spanning over two decades.



Daniel Craig is one of the most successful actors of his generation. He is best known for portraying the iconic and beloved James Bond in five films: Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and No Time to Die.

Born in Chester, Cheshire, England, on March 2, 1968, Daniel Wroughton Craig has become internationally renowned for his strong, handsome looks and his compelling presence as the notorious James Bond in several films.

In this blog post, we will take a look at how the iconic prop of James Bond, the signature glasses, has been used to show his suave persona and style.




What type of glasses does Daniel Craige wear?


Persol 2244


If you’re a fan of the James Bond series, you know that the way James Bond dresses is as iconic as his gadgets. But what everyone remembers most is the glasses Daniel Craig wore as James Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale—the Persol 2244 sunglasses.



These glasses have become so iconic that they are often imitated by fans. He can be seen wearing a variety of glasses, but his go-to has remained the same. Not only that, but the glasses often come with the tech features to match the gadgets the secret agent uses.



The Persol 2244 sunglasses have become an iconic accessory in the James Bond series. Marked by their distinctive keyhole bridge and metal frames, the sunglasses exude a sophisticated yet masculine look that all best suited Daniel Craig as James Bond.



Barton Perreira


Daniel Craig known is no stranger to looking good, and fans of his latest outings can vouch for his stellar fashion sense. The latest addition to his breath of style has been seen with him donning Barton Perreira's newest sun glasses, the Norton S Sun.


Barton Perreira's commitment to art and fashion is evident in the Norton S Sun, which is exactly what sets it above the competition. It is a timeless classic that has been designed to cater to the style of the discerning gentleman.

Vuarnet VL 1613


Actor Daniel Craig may be 50 years old, but when it comes to making a fashion statement, he knows exactly what he's doing. Just look at his recent outfit—he sported a classic pair of Vuarnet VL1613 sunglasses!


The Vuarnet VL1613 sunglasses feature a wraparound shape that provides full coverage around the eyes while still allowing for a good peripheral vision. They feature an all- acetate frame, polarized mineral glass lenses that filter 99.99% of glare, and a matt finish on the black frame with silver metal details.


Tom Ford TF0248 Henry


The most fashionable Bond yet, Daniel Craig, has taken the iconic franchise to new heights with his stylish and bold wardrobe choices for the Spectre film. One of the standout pieces in the entire lineup was the Tom Ford TF0248 Henry sunglasses—and they quickly became a fashion statement for men everywhere.



The Tom Ford TF0248 Henry is the perfect mash-up of style and function. Bonds classic good looks are perfectly framed by the sunglasses—giving him a commanding, masculine presence on screen.



Oliver Peoples. Airman


Looks like James Bond isn't the only one with an eye for style! In the 2008 hit film, Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig looks dapper and debonair in a pair of Oliver Peoples "Airman" sunglasses.


In the film, Craig can be seen sporting the timeless round frame Airman sunglasses. The glasses feature a thick black acetate brow bar and inner frame with round lenses. The look gives an unmistakably smart touch and finishing detail to Craigs character, intensifying the latent sophistication that comes with being Bond.
Daniel Craig is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and iconic actors of our generation. His style and presence as James Bond is undeniable, from the signature glasses to the smart suits and gadgets. Whether it's the classic Persol 2244, the techy Barton Perreira Norton S Sun, the iconic Vuarnet VL 1613, or the sophisticated Tom Ford TF0248 Henry, every pair of glasses brings something extra to his onscreen persona. His decades long career clearly show that he's a timeless style icon.
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