Emma Stone's Glasses: The Perfect Blend of Fashion and Function

Emma Stone's Glasses: The Perfect Blend of Fashion and Function

Emma Stone, the renowned Hollywood actress, has not only captured our hearts with her stunning performances, but also with her impeccable fashion sense. In recent years, one accessory that has caught the attention of both fashion enthusiasts and glasses wearers alike is Emma Stone's glasses.   


Emma Stone Style Solid Frame Cat Eye Celebrity Clear Glasses – CosmicEyewear


With her effortlessly chic style and impeccable taste, Emma Stone has successfully integrated eyewear into her everyday look, making her glasses an inspiration for those seeking both style and functionality. In this blogpost, we will explore Emma Stone's glasses and see how she effortlessly blends style and function.



With Emma Stone taking on the role of Cruella de Vil in Disney's highly anticipated film "Cruella," fans are buzzing about her transformation and attention-grabbing style.


Emma Stone as Cruella wears glasses in Disney's Cruella, designed by Tom  Davies.


Among the stunning fashion choices made on the set, one key accessory has caught everyone's attention: the Cruella glasses. The Cruella glasses, reminiscent of the 101 Dalmatians character, add an extra layer of authenticity to the portrayal of Cruella by Emma Stone. 


The Cruella glasses worn by Emma Stone are handcrafted using premium acetate, a high-quality material known for its durability and luxurious appeal. 

The front and arms of these glasses are made with Tortoiseshell acetate, giving them a timeless yet contemporary look. The unique patterns and hues within the acetate add depth and character to the glasses, making them a standout accessory on Emma Stone's face. 


Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Emma Stone's portrayal of the witty and charismatic Olive Penderghast in the 2010 film "Easy A" not only showcased her remarkable acting skills, but it also introduced audiences to a timeless accessory.


Where to Buy Emma Stone's Easy A Sunglasses – Like a Film Star


Sporting a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers throughout the movie, Stone became a style icon, further contributing to the iconic status of these sunglasses. 


Where to Buy Emma Stone's Easy A Sunglasses – Like a Film Star


In the movie, Emma Stone's character, Olive, is known for her witty remarks and effortlessly cool style. The choice of Ray-Ban Wayfarers for Olive perfectly encapsulates her sharp and independent persona.

The sunglasses lend a touch of sophistication while exuding an edgy charm, reflecting both her intelligence and rebellious nature.


Oliver Peoples

From red carpet events to casual outings, Emma effortlessly rocks various styles, creating trends and inspiring fashion enthusiasts around the world. 

One accessory that stands out is her undeniably chic eyewear collection, with Oliver Peoples glasses serving as a staple in her repertoire.


Emma Stone se met à la comédie musicale - Elle

One of the reasons behind Emma Stone's fondness for Oliver Peoples glasses lies in their versatility. The brand offers a wide range of frames, catering to different tastes and styles.


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The brand's versatile range and timeless designs perfectly complement her outfits, setting her apart as a fashion icon.


Emma Stone's glasses have become a style statement, showcasing her fashionable and sophisticated taste. Whether she is playing the iconic Cruella de Vil or rocking a casual look in her everyday life, Stone effortlessly incorporates eyewear into her outfits, demonstrating how glasses can be both fashionable and functional. 

From the Cruella glasses, which add an extra layer of authenticity to her character, to the Ray-Ban Wayfarers that have become an iconic accessory thanks to her portrayal of Olive Penderghast in "Easy A," Stone's eyewear choices reflect her independent and stylish persona. Additionally, her love for Oliver Peoples glasses highlights their versatility and timeless designs, making her a true fashion icon.

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