Jennie Kim Glasses: A Must-Have Luxury Accessory

Jennie Kim Glasses: A Must-Have Luxury Accessory

Jennie Kim is one of the most popular members of the Korean pop group BlackPink. As lead rapper, vocalist, visual, and official face of the group, Jennie has become an icon in the South Korean music industry since her debut in 2016

Jennie Kim’s style is always on-point. Her latest fashion statement was seen when she sported Gentle Monster glasses. The South Korean designer brand has made a name for itself with chic and cool designs that are both trendy and timeless.



If you want to emulate the style of BLACKPINK's Jennie, eyewear company Gentle Monster has just unveiled their newest project 'Jentle Garden'.

The collection was produced in partnership between Jennie and Gentle Monster and is an ode to Jennie's sophistication and her passion for fashion. Each item of the collection is stylish, unique, and perfect for replicating the look of BLACKPINK's Jennie.




Jennie's Glasses

The Jentle Garden collection is the perfect way for fans of BLACKPINK and Jennie to get their hands on unique, fashionable eyewear. Whether you're aiming to copy her look or just want to spice up your wardrobe, you can do so with the Jentle Garden collection.



Jennie - Angel 01


Angel 01 is lightweight and designed to adapt to different fashion styles and shapes - a perfect fit for any feminine face. 
The collection is set against the backdrop of crystal blue skies, as its striking contrast of colour and style creates a perfect fusion of comfort and fashion. With its rectangular front and sleek temples, Angel 01 offers an effortless look that adds a special touch to any style. Its lenses reduce glare, making it suitable for a night out or casual day out.
Head-turning and timeless, the Jennie - Angel 01 glasses are the perfect addition to a modern wardrobe. Whether you want to add a vintage touch to your look or make a statement by standing out in the crowd, Angel 01 captures the elegance that comes with being contemporary yet classic.



Jennie - Angel BEC1


Jentle Garden presents Angel BEC1, a luxurious oversized square Flatba frame in beige. Featuring a distinctive marble design on the frame and acetate tips, this unique piece is further enhanced by a brand logo in the temples as well as the inclusion of 99.9% UV-protecting grey gradient lenses. Each frame is created by hand and the marble-effect design of the frame may vary.

It is the perfect classic pair of glasses to update your wardrobe and features an eyelet-style detail on the corners of the frame for a modern touch. The unique pattern brings a playful yet chic look that meshes perfectly with any style. An ideal addition to Jentle Garden's ethos of understated luxury, the Angel BEC1 glasses bridge the gap between fashion and functionality.



Jennie - In The Mood 032


The Jennie - In The Mood 032 from Jentle Home collection flaunts an iconic round metal frame featuring a triple grooved metal lining on the frame front and embellished with the brand's signature circular tips on the temples.
Jennie In The Mood 032 is a timeless piece that is sure to always make a statement. It offers a sleek and sophisticated design, combined with the best possible protection for your eyes
This timeless design by Jentle Home stands the test of time, adding a touch of sophistication to any look - perfect for day or night. The modern and elegant design ensures that anyone can look their best with a classic and stylish pair of Jennie - In The Mood 032
Inconclusion, The Jennie collection by Gentle Monster lends sophisticated and stylish eyewear to BlackPink fans and fashionistas alike. Offering something for all occasions, these glasses capture the essence of Jennie's allure with their sleek and modern designs that work for any occasion - from day to night. High-quality and stylish, the collection is sure to make a statement and bring forth the star power of BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim.
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