The History and Legacy of John Lennon Glasses: From the Beatles to Modern Fashion

The History and Legacy of John Lennon Glasses: From the Beatles to Modern Fashion

John Lennon was an iconic musician and songwriter, known for his unique style, creativity and of course, his iconic round-framed glasses. His glasses have become iconic in pop culture and are now synonymous with his style and image. But what type of glasses was he wearing, and what brands?

Oliver Goldsmith Round Metal frame

John Lennon was a huge fan of Oliver Goldsmith’s designs, and he frequently wore the ‘Round Metal’ glasses. He often wore them with a leather jacket and his classic military-style boots, creating an iconic mod look. If you’re looking for a classic and timeless style, then Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are perfect for you. 


John Lennon first began wearing Ray-Ban glasses in 1964, when he was photographed wearing the brand's Wayfarer style sunglasses. He became an instant trendsetter, and the glasses quickly gained popularity among fans. The glasses were a perfect addition to Lennon's signature look, and they were often seen in photos and on the stage. 



John Lennon was a fan of the brand, often wearing Dior glasses in the 1960s and 1970s. He favored the classic aviator style, often wearing a pair of silver-rimmed Dior sunglasses. Lennon's glasses were simple yet stylish, and they became an integral part of his signature look. Today, Dior continues to be a leader in fashion, offering stylish and timeless eyewear for every occasion. Whether you're looking for

Savile Row

John Lennon was known for his signature style, including his signature round glasses. But did you know that Lennon’s signature specs were actually made by a company called Savile Row? Lennon often wore his Savile Row glasses to give him a unique look, and the glasses became part of his signature style. Lennon's preference for Savile Row glasses was no surprise, as the company is renowned for their quality and craftsmanship.

Moleskine Dark Silver frames


 John Lennon was often seen wearing Moleskine Dark Silver spectacles frames. He wore them for most of his time in the public eye. The frames were the perfect choice for his signature look, as they complemented his iconic style. Not only did they look great, but they also provided the perfect amount of protection for his eyes. Moleskine Dark Silver frames are still popular today, and many people choose them for their classic style and superior quality.

John Lennon's iconic glasses style has been an inspiration for many generations. His choice of glasses allowed him to express himself through fashion and to make a statement that was truly his own. From the classic Oliver Goldsmith Round Metal frames to the more modern Ray-Ban and Dior frames, to the classic Savile Row frames, and the more contemporary Moleskine Dark Silver frames, John Lennon's glasses were always a reflection of his unique style. In conclusion, John Lennon's glasses were a perfect representation of the classic, modern and unique style that he embodied. If you are looking for a glasses style that will embody your own unique style and make a statement, then these glasses are the perfect choice for you.

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