Anna-Karin Karlsson: Avant-Garde Eyewear for Lovers of Glamour

Anna-Karin Karlsson: Avant-Garde Eyewear for Lovers of Glamour

You know that when a pair of glasses make you gasp in awe, you've stumbled upon something special. Browse through Anna-Karin Karlsson's eyewear collection and you'll know exactly what I mean.

While not super well-known in the mainstream, this Swedish design house has some of the most luxurious and eccentric designs for women on the market. 

Let's explore all there is to know about Anna-Karin Karlsson and get inspired to truly live outside the lines. 

The story of Anna-Karin Karlsson eyewear 

Anna-Karin Karlsson is a Swedish designer whose namesake brand was launched in 2011. Based in Sweden, Anna-Karin Karlsson quickly become one of the most luxurious, unique and feminine eyewear brands on the planet. 

Like many high-end, luxury things, Anna-Karin Karlsson is a somewhat mysterious brand and namesake. There's not a huge history to detail here, but that just means there's more time to gaze upon the absolutely dazzling array of eyewear! 

Celebrities and VIPs who wear Anna-Karin Karlsson 

Anna-Karin Karlsson frames are not for just anyone. No, they're for people with a penchant for extravagance, quirk, high glamour, and who like to incorporate true artistry into their aesthetics. It makes sense, then, that celebrities such as Harry Styles, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga have been snapped in the brand.

Harry Styles

In the music video for the song 'Music for a sushi restaurant', the superstar himself wore the Anna-Karin Karlsson Half Moon sunglasses

Harry Styles Half Moon Glasses


You know that when Beyonce chooses a brand time and again, it must be the best of the best. Queen B herself has worn Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses for various creative projects. For example, the Panther sunglasses (unfortunately no longer on the Anna-Karin Karlsson site) for the Ivy Park and Adidas collab. 

Beyonce Anna-karin Karlsson Panther

She also wore the Emperor sunglasses (also no longer on the site!) for another Ivy Park promo shoot. 

Beyonce Anna-Karin Karlsson Emperor

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of Anna-Karin Karlsson and has been snapped in various frames in her personal life. Known for her dedication to glamour and style, Jennifer's choice of Anna-Karin Karlsson is a testament to the quality and couture status of the brand.

Here she is in the Claw and the Nest sunglasses. This particular style isn't available on the site, but you can try the very similar Claw Voyage frames!

Jennifer Lopez Anna-Karin Karlsson Claw Voyage


Winnie Harlow 

Supermodel Winnie Harlow is a style icon and never puts a foot wrong in a sartorial sense. Here she is snapped in the Anna-Karin Karlsson Billion $ Boo sunglasses. 

Anna-Karin Karlsson Winnie Harlow


Black Eyed Peas frontwoman and solo artist Fergie is also a big fan of the more extravagant Anna-Karin Karlsson styles. Here she is in her 'M.I.L.F $' music video wearing the incredible Eagle sunglasses, unfortunately no longer available.

Fergie Anna-Karin Karlsson Eagle

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, possibly the most avant-garde star in recent decades, has been spotted wearing Anna-Karin Karlsson frames, especially on her Swedish tours. Here she is in two all-black pairs no longer available. However, you could try the Mother Beep frames in Black Crystal.

Lady Gaga Anna-Karin Karlsson Black

Lady Gaga Anna-Karin Karlsson

Anna-Karin Karlsson special features 

Judging by the celebrity following, high-end materials and couture-level design, it's no surprise that Anna-Karin Karlsson glasses come at a high price. However, these aren't simply a pair of optical frames or sunglasses you just throw own, they're a statement. A pair of Anna-Karin Karlsson glasses will be the focal point of your look, like a statement earring or piece of clothing. 

So, what makes Anna-Karin Karlsson glasses so sought-after and expensive? Well, the materials range from 24k gold to rose gold to emeralds to diamonds (we told you this was a luxe brand!) as you'll see in our top picks below.  

When it comes to shipping, you needn't worry about a hefty fee as Anna-Karin Karlsson offers free worldwide shipping. On the off-chance that you're not as happy with your frames as you'd like to be, you can send them back within 14 days for a full refund (as long as the tags and box are in-tact). 

The best Anna-Karin Karlsson optical glasses 

The Anna-Karin Karlsson optical lineup is small yet impeccable. Presently, there are only nine styles, but they're varied and offer something for everyone. 

It's important to note that Anna-Karin Karlsson frames do not come with prescription lenses, they are for aesthetic purposes. The clear lenses that come in Anna-Karin Karlsson optical lenses are Carl Zeiss, one of the most trusted lens tech brands in the world. 

We love the simplicity-meets-unique style of the Claw Optical Triangle frames. The rimless style gives a light, minimal feel while the OTT claws at each end bring an edgy, avant-garde artistry to the look. These particular frames are part of an exclusive 2019 collection with fewer than 100 pieces made of each style, so get in quick! Each pair comes with a letter of authenticity to safeguard against any fakes that may be lurking. 

 Anna-Karin Karlsson claw

For something heavier and more bold in both colour and shape, we love the La Croix optical frames. The slight cat-eye flatters the face while the metallic cross at the bridge offers lovely angles, gilded glamour and a touch of lightness to break up the solid frames. 

Anna-Karin Karlsson La Croix

 If you're a fan of the classic browline style but you want to get a hit of that Anna-Karin Karlsson glitz, the Sheika frames could be your new signature style. These frames feature a heavy upper frame along the browline which is encrusted with large crystals. The rest of the frames are mostly rimless, but with genuine rose, white, or yellow gold plated beta titanium parts. Yes, these are glamorous and sparkly, but they're also subtle and classy enough to be worn as an everyday pair. 

anna-karin karlsson sheika

Not into crystals and precious gems? Not a problem, because Anna-Karin Karlsson is a versatile designer who can carry through her unique style while simplifying the material choices. For example, the 2023 Silver Moon frames are certainly not for shrinking violets, but they would suit a more refined palate or pared-down daytime aesthetic. They feature a thick, angled rectangle frame, high-shine metal bridge, and metal detailing at each corner of the frame. These frames come in six beautiful colours: black, translucent, raspberry, fudge, opal and turquoise. Check the turquoise frames out below worn by none other than Madonna. 

Anna-karin karlsson silver moon 

And lastly, for something ornate, whimsical and romantic (as the name suggests) consider the Costa Romantica frames. These all-metal frames feature a stunning flower at the corner of the frames, sneaking ivy-like tendrils and tiny glinting diamantes. 

anna-karin karlsson costa romantica

anna-karin karlsson costa romantica side view

The best Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses 

Here's where things get really exciting. Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses are works of art and are designed to make a true sartorial impact. Wearing a pair of big, bold, over-the-top Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses tells the world that you are not afraid to be seen and admired, and you take joy in the way you present yourself. 

Let's start with a 1970s-inspired style from the 2023 collection, the White Moon sunglasses. These oversized square frames are similar to the Silver Moon optical frames mentioned above, but with a larger surface area and more square shape. They feature an acetate coloured frame offset with a 24k gold-plated rim, corner notches and bridge. The combination of metal and acetate offers a certain lightness, textural contrast, and a whole lot of light-catching gleam. 

The White Moon frames come in five colourways and come with tinted Carl Zeiss lenses. 

anna-karin karlsson white moon

If we had to pick a favourite, it might just be the completely outrageous and absolutely gorgeous Decadent Too frames. Like a tiara in sunglasses form, these feature a heavy brownline encrusted with oversized diamantes in a wreath shape and star-flower motif on each end. The rest of the frames are rimless to offset the extravagant topline. Paris Hilton wears them below, a testament to the high-glam, princess-like appeal of the Decadent Too frame.

anna-karin karlsson decadent too

anna-karin karlsson decadent too

Want to jump on board the tiny sunglasses movement? You can with the Crystal Nest - Triangle sunglasses. These ultra-cool, super sleek glasses feature a rimless frame with a jewel-encrusted bridge and end pieces. However, the diamantes are low-key and add a subtle glint instead of all-out encrusted glitz. 

anna-karin karlsson crystal nest

Want all glitz? So you should! The Lucky Goes to Vegas sunglasses in are encrusted in genuine Swarovski crystals and a 24k gold logo. The gentle cat-eye shape is very flattering (especially on round faces) and the thick frames create a strong focal point. Check them out below in 'leopard'.

Anna-karin karlsson lucky goes to vegas

Not extravagant enough? No worries, the Pantheress sunglasses offer just that, pure extravagance. The green stones beset in the eyes of the panther are authentic emeralds. 

Anna-karin karlsson pantheress

For something purely whimsical and perfect for festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury, the Butterfly sunglasses are idea. A round frame rimmed with delicate 24k gold-plated titanium, with 3D butterflies adorning the top rims like feminine crowns. 


anna-karin karlsson butterfly sunglasses 

We can't get to the end of this blog without showcasing the chic, completely over-the-top, eye-wateringly stunning Rose et la Roue 2.0 sunglasses. These works of art feature a rounded, 1960s-style frame with none other than a diamante-encrusted panther perched over the left frame. These masterpieces are plated in 24k gold and come in five incredible colours. 

anna-karin Karlsson rose et la roue 2.0

Which are your favourites?

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