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Jacques Marie Mage

Today we're showcasing one of the most innovative, creative, and inspiring eyewear brands on the planet, Jacques Marie Mage. 

While a relatively young brand (founded in 2014) Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) has quickly catapulted into the high tiers of eyewear, and it's clear to see why! JMM offers some of the most unique styles while maintaining the highest standards in material and production. 

Jacques Marie Mage has created some of the most interesting and aesthetically stimulating collaborations we can think of. Just taking a look through the website and collections is enough to make you want to turn your hand to music or film or poetry yourself!

It's clear that glasses and sunglasses are more than mere practical tools or fashion accessories for Jacques Marie Mage, they are a way of expressing, pushing boundaries, and making an impact. 

If you're unfamiliar with the JMM universe, keep reading and get ready to have your aesthetic fires stoked. 

A brief history of Jacques Marie Mage 

The man behind the brand is Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, originally from France but has called California home for over 20 years.

Jerome has an eclectic taste and is inspired by the American West and iconic figures such as Bob Dylan (evident in this promo video for the Circa Collection). Before launching his namesake brand, Jerome worked for brands such as Arnette (90s kids, cue nostalgia). 

Since launching in 2014, JMM has collaborated with many high-profile people who share the same creative, story-driven passion for eyewear, more on that later. 

Let's get into the good stuff...the glasses. 

Top Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses and sunglasses 

Jacques Marie Mage, or JMM, is a brand that takes inspiration from creativity, epic stories throughout history, and brave creatives who forged new paths. They look back over the centuries and use their findings to create impeccable optical eyewear, sunglasses, and accessories. This is certainly evident in the JMM collections and collaborations over the years. 

JMM is known for architectural designs, with bold silhouettes that create a focal point on the face. You don't pick a pair of JMM's to shrink into the background, that's for sure. 

One of the best-selling Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses styles is the Molino, pictured below. This style comes in a range of colours but our favourite is the deep tortoiseshell. Why the name? Well, Carlo Molino was an Italian architect and designer hugely prominent in the mid-1900s. Jerome was inspired by Molino's lines and angles as you can see by the balanced and clean design of the Molino shades. 

Jacques Marie Mage Molino sunglasses

When it comes to optical options, the Percier frames offer a classic rounded shape but with subtle details that take them to the JMM level. For example, the slight indent at the bottom of the frame, the keyhole-style cutout shape below the bridge, and the choice of 5 colorways. Again, the Percier frames were named after their inspiration, French architect Charles Percier who famously designed for Napoleon. 

Jacques Marie Mage Percier

The Marbot frames (pictured below) are a popular choice for fans of metal frames and the double bar style. The octagonal lens offers a touch of the unique while remaining an entirely wearable style for every day. 

Jacques Marie Mage Marbot

Celebrities who wear Jacques Marie Mage

It's no secret that one of the fastest ways a brand can reach cult status is by having a string of celebrity followers. 

One of the most iconic wearers of JMM frames is the quirky beloved actor Jeff Goldblum. The pairing makes a whole lot of sense when you consider Goldblum's somewhat timeless, old-school Hollywood charm and quiet glamour.

The dapper gent collaborated with JMM to create the "Jeff" pair, unfortunately sold out once the limited 500 pairs were snapped up by lucky wearers.

The pair featured a heavy frame in a rectangular shape with slightly slanted sides. They're bold and make a statement without veering toward the overtly kooky or costumey side.

For something similar, check out the upcoming Walker optical frames (pictured below) as they have a similar style and vibe. 

Jacques Marie Mage Walker Frame

Other noted celebrities who proudly don their JMM frames include LeBron James. The legendary NBA star has been spotted wearing the Molino and the Dealan frames

Hip hop creator Anderson Paak sports Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses in this Esquire shoot. It's clear to see in this shoot that Jacques Marie Mage glasses and sunglasses appeal to a particular type of fashion trendsetter with a unique and bold eye for style. 

Paul Bettany has also been spotted in JMM's, as well as Usher and man-of-the-moment Austin Butler from 'Elvis' fame. 

Jacques Marie Mage special features 

The high price of a pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses might make a little more sense when you consider the fact that each pair is handmade in Japan. Each pair is made with "a 300 step process enriched by the expertise of nearly 100 artisans over 18 months". 

Handmade in Japan

Jerome has a fascination and deep respect for the traditions, culture, creativity, and expertise of Japanese artisans. He reflects this in the Kyosho collection inspired by Japanese artistic greats such as film director Kon Ichikawa and writer Kobo Abe.

Jacques Marie Mage frames are hand-crafted in a city called Sabae in the Fukui Prefecture of Japan. Fascinatingly, one-in-six people in Sabae work in the glasses industry as it is one of the most prominent regions for eyewear manufacturing in the world. The light, easy, and stylish titanium frames we love today were, in fact, born in Sabae. Experts in Sabae created the first technology for titanium frames back in the 1980s, helping to transform the way we make and wear metal frames today. 

It's always interesting to peek behind the curtain of a brand to see how ethical their practises are, no matter how high-end they may be. JMM passes the test as they ensure all artisans are supported and well-paid as valued partners. 

Top materials used 

Glasses are really only as good as the materials they're made from, and Jacques Marie Mage takes this seriously. The non-metal frames are made from premium acetate from Takiron, an expert acetate manufacturer that has been around since 1969. Takiron acetate is harder and more durable than other acetates, and is a well-trusted brand amongst high-end eyewear creators like Jacques Marie Mage.

Acetate has a plastic-like appearance but is in fact a plant-based material that is as environmentally-friendly as it is renewable and does not contain petroleum (unlike plastic). Acetate is made from fibers extracted from cellulose from wood pulp and other plants. One of the best aspects of acetate is that it is hypoallergenic and won't cause a reaction for people with very sensitive skin. 

Along with acetate, JMM also uses titanium (for metal-rimmed frames) which is incredibly durable yet lightweight and comfortable on the face.   

Protective features 

Jacques Marie Mage optical lenses are treated with anti-reflective coating while the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection for safe eyes. 


Nature lovers will be impressed by JMM's dedication to partnering with organisations to support conservation of the American wilderness. For example, JMM has a special connection to wolves and aims to boost awareness around the need for protection of endangered wolf populations.

JMM also supports the Yellowstone Forever organisation's Bison Conservation and Transfer program. This incredible initiative aims to protect Yellowstone Bison that are under threat, as well as supporting Native American communities in the Yellowstone area. Check out Jacque Marie Mage's incredible stewardship projects here

Inspired by the greats, people and places, and collaborations 

When exploring the Jacques Marie Mage catalogue of past collections, it's clear that Jerome has a strong affinity to the American west and iconic American landscapes. For example, the 'Welcome to Jacques Country' campaign features cowboys, lassos, horses, and the dusty world of a classic western ranch.

The aforementioned 'Yellowstone Forever III' campaign (in partnership with the official Yellowstone NFP organisation) features images of American wildlife such as wolves, eagles, and bears. The frames designed for these campaigns reflect the tones, shapes, and personalities associated with such iconic places, eras, and people. 

Jacques Marie Mage and Stanley Kubrick

Jacques Marie Mage is drawn to rebellious creatives and bohemian artists with an edge. For example, The Stanley Kubrick collection was inspired by the prolific American filmmaker and screenwriter. Kubrick's most famous directing credits are 'A Clockwork Orange', 'Lolita', 'The Shining', 'Eyes Wide Shut', and '2001: A Space Odyssey'. 

One of the best styles in this collection is the '1948' frames (pictured below), based on Kubrick's own frames he rocked in that year. This is a great pick for men and women wanting something with a bookish flair and flattering curves and angles. 

Jacques Marie Mage 1948

Jacques Marie Mage x Blue Note

Turn up the jazz! Jacques Marie Mage collaborated with Blue Note Records, one of the most iconic music labels in history. JMM wanted to pay homage to the jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, and Sonny Rollins. The Herbie optical frames have a flattering combination of straight lines and angles, and soft curves in black or tortoiseshell.

Jacques Marie Mage Blue Note

Lou Doillon for Jacques Marie Mage

Another cool creative that sparked a flame with JMM is French singer and actress Lou Doillon. Known for her eclectic, psychedelic style, Lou is one of the biggest fashion icons of the last few decades. The collab features 60s-inspired frames for people who want to make a statement with their specs. 

We love the 'The Burn' sunglasses with their teeny titanium frames and octangular lenses. These were inspired by reading glasses from the 1920s but also reflect the small-framed styles worn by John Lennon in the 60s/70s (though his were entirely round)!

Jacques Marie Mage and The Velvet Underground

Jacques Marie Mage collaborated with Universal Music Enterprise to celebrate and draw inspiration from legendary rock band The Velvet Underground. With musical icons Lou Reed and Nico, the Velvet Underground were forerunners of punk and alt rock, with a hard edge and ultra-cool style. 

Jacques Marie Mage men's eyeglasses and sunglasses

Jacques Marie Mage frames can be worn by men and women alike, but the men's collection certainly offers a particular masculine, dapper aesthetic. The Jacques Marie Mage man is not your average wallflower who just wants a practical pair. No, the Jacques Marie Mage man has a specific aesthetic, values fashion and style, and doesn't settle for less than the best quality available. 

For example, the Kellerman frames offer a bold silhouette similar to the iconic Panto frame.  

Jacques Marie Mage Kellerman frames

For something a little slimmer and lighter on the face, consider the ICU frames, made in collaboration with bohemian icon and French singer/actress Lou Doillon.

The distinctive round lens is reminiscent of John Lennon's unmistakable Windsor frames, now a visual symbol of 60s and 70s rock fashion.

Yes, these are technically unisex but they're the ideal pair for men wanting something subtle in weight and size yet bold in style. 

Jacques Marie Mage ICU frames

JMM men's sunglasses span from rimless and jewel-toned to chunky and architectural. The prime example of the former is the Oatman style, one of our top favourites. The rimless style features a hexagonal lens and intricate metal details on the temples and bridge. The rich colour options give a little 60s psychedelic flair. 

Jacques Marie Mage Oatman

The Ringo frames are a great pick for guys with smaller faces who want to make their optical frames a focal point, a talking point, and a real style statement. Perfectly round with both titanium and acetate, the Ringo frames are a new version of the old-school Windsor frames. A double-layer nose bridge adds extra lines with a shadow of aviator. 

Jacques Marie Mage women's eyeglasses and sunglasses

Our favourite Jacques Marie Mage collection for women at the time of writing has to be the Euphoria collection. This colourful and surprising collection is inspired by the sexy, fast, and free 1970s. 

The Doll sunglasses feature an oversized rounded frame with a rectangular lens and come in bold shades such as Berry Kiss pictured below. 

Jacques Marie Mage Euphoria Doll

We also adore the Diana sunglasses, inspired by the beloved 1960s queen Diana Ross. These little round titanium sunglasses might be small but they pack a huge style punch with a hit of psychedelia. 

Jacques Marie Mage Diana

For optical frames for women, lovers of bold, brash silhouettes will be enthralled by the Lacy frames. (pictured below) These thick frames demand attention with a square shape with rounded edges and a brooding, moody aesthetic. 

Jacques Marie Mage Lacy

The Jacques Marie Mage investment 

As Jerome himself said in this 70s-inspired promo interview, Jacques Marie Mage is all about "the cherishing of an object that you can keep as a momento forever". We don't know about you, but this makes us feel a whole lot better about investing in a pair of high-end frames that will last a lifetime. 

What are your thoughts on Jacques Marie Mage? Do you have a pair you're eyeing up or a favourite collaboration?


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