Prada’s Bold and Statement Eyewear Line

Prada’s Bold and Statement Eyewear Line


Prada is one of the most prestigious and widely recognised brands, encompassing the best of Italian culture and tradition. The Prada brand is always a step ahead in terms of trends and quality, but always a timeless style. On top of clothing and bags, this fashion house also creates glasses and sunglasses, which have graced the faces of movie stars, celebrities and pop icons worldwide.

Read on to learn more about Prada glasses and sunglasses, the brand’s top accessory, including the best designs for both men and women, iconic collaborations and lines, as well as snaps of a handful of celebrities who were seen wearing a pair or two. 

Brand History

Representing the best of Italian culture and tradition, the Prada brand started off as a family business in 1913 at Milan’s prestigious Galleria Victoria Emanuel II, by leatherworker Mario Prada. Up until the late 1970s, the brand was still a small company and was primarily manufacturing and designing leather goods. 

When his granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, joined the company in 1978, she began to expand the line under an image of “anti-status” as a response to the super-status positioning of Louis Vuitton — this was the turning point for the brand to developing into the powerhouse it is today.


In 1999, Prada and Del Rigo group joined forces to form Prada eyewear, and were an instant hit as soon as it was launched. The eyewear line, along with other products under the brand, reached great heights under the tenure of Miuccia Prada, who took over the brand in the late 70s.

The powerhouse has won numerous fashion design industry awards, including a Fashion Award in 2020 in the creativity category for “embodying creativity and social responsibility”. Today, Prada designs bags, clothing, fragrances, jewellery, shoes and accessories, which include eyewear — all of which are “tools for bold self-expression”, according to the Prada Group.


Currently, the company has an agreement with EssilorLuxottica — a global eyewear company that also produces eyewear for other designer brands including Prada’s sister brand Miu Miu — to design and manufacture eyewear under the Prada brand name. 


 In all of its products, Prada prides itself in its quality, attention to detail and impeccable designs. According to EssilorLuxottica, Prada sunglasses are designed with “keen attention to details and new trends” and offer “unmistakable style, refined elegance and uncompromising quality.”

Just like other products of Prada, the eyewear doesn’t come cheap — these glasses and sunglasses start from $350. That is because there is a lot of effort put into crafting just one of these pairs of eyewear. From the designing process to the manufacturing of lenses and frames, Prada doesn’t hold back when it comes to its eyewear line. 


The Prada brand is known for its excellent range of designs that combine traditional brand concepts with modern, progressive technology. The eyewear line has plenty of styles to choose from — bold colours like tortoiseshell, gold and silver, and in various shapes and styles including rectangular, round, square, cat-eye and oversized. Most of the brand’s eyewear is made of cellulose acetate as they are not only durable but also offer a robust palette of colours to play with. Other materials used include the highest quality of metals.


Most Prada frames have integrated nose bridges and transparent nose pad designs so that the design looks sleeker while still providing extreme comfort for wearers. One design feature that’s great for Prada’s eyewear is that all the frames are RX-ready — this means that one can just take the frame to an optometrist to have custom lenses installed in your prescription. 

Quality Lenses

On top of well-made and intricately-designed frames, the brand invests tremendously in the lenses. Buyers can choose from a range of lens materials: plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex or high-index plastic, which is thinner and lighter than regular plastic. One can also choose to add extra features like anti-reflective coating and make it photochromic lenses, which means the lenses will darken in the sun and provide UC protection. The customisable option is what puts Prada Eyewear above the other luxury houses’ eyewear lines.

Top Prada Glasses and Sunglasses Designs for Men

Prada has an extensive collection of glasses and sunglasses for men. These designs are often bold and in eye-catching shapes and sizes, with unique frame-lens colour combinations. However, like with anything, there are a few designs that are more popular than others. 


The Symbole Sunglasses has a rectangular frame that provides a strong, bold aesthetic. Its strong line and elegant, contemporary charm are what make it very popular with men. The temples are made with a sophisticated three-dimensional process and decorated with the Prada lettering logo. It is made of acetate and has 100% UVA/UVB protection for its lenses.  This design comes in a variety of colours like white with gray lenses, crystal blue with bright blue lenses and opaque black with ochre yellow lenses. The frame is not compatible with graduated lenses, however.


The Linea Rossa Impavid Sunglasses are also another fan-favorite. This design is a large wraparound active sunglasses with a frame front characterised by its geometric rims, which are highlighted by innovative nylon inserts that interrupt their linearity. The temples feature a contemporary construction layered on several levels that enhances the dynamic design. Made of acetate, the style has an innovative system of interchangeable lenses in multiple colours: polarised black, mirrored silver and transparent. 


Another popular frame is the Prada Runway Sunglasses, which is a unique geometric oval acetate frame with contrasting colours and bold rims. It has an aviator-style nose bridge, making this style a teardrop shape with a contemporary twist. It comes in a variety of colours including crystal gray and white with gray lenses and black and yellow with slate gray lenses. 


The SPR54Z style from the Eyewear Collection is also a classic yet popular choice. This is an aviator-style frame with a slim double bridge that’s embellished with a refined screen-printed Prada lettering logo. Its sleek and slim temple design, also embellished with the brand logo, provides a chic aesthetic to the design. 

Top Prada Glasses and Sunglasses Designs for Women 

The Prada women's eyewear line also has a huge range of unique and interesting frames. Among the hundreds of styles, some have been worn more than others.


The Prada Minimal Baroque Eyewear is arguably one of the most popular designs, especially with celebrities. This style features a bold frame with gradient lenses and baroque stems that cut in a “curly, flourish” design. To top it off, it’s embellished with the signature Prada logo at the temples. 


Another top style for women is the Symbole Sunglasses, similar to the men’s ones. These acetate sunglasses have an oversized, geometric design with an avant-grade silhouette that is very much the Prada eyewear aesthetic. The style features a more minimalistic front and a three-dimensional design on the temples, decorated with an iconographic interpretation of the Prada triangle logo. While it comes in a few different colours — including tortoiseshell with gradient sienna lenses, black with gradient Smokey grey lenses and light pink with gradient brown lenses — the black one is the most popular choice. 


A cat-eye design is always a popular option, which is no wonder the Duple Sunglasses SPR 57W from the Prada Duple collection is on this list. This design features a sleek cat-eye style outlined in thin metal frames and comes in modern coloured lenses like black with jade and aqua lenses, as well as black with slate gray lenses. 

Speaking of cat-eye styles, the PRADA PR 62UV style is a sleek cat-eye design for optical frames. The metal rims are lightweight with distinctive wingtips, accentuating the cat-eye shape. The temple tips curve inwards to provide stability behind the ears. It comes in unique colour combinations like beige pink and gold, black and gold, and pink gold and top Bordeaux.

Prada Linea Rossa Collection, The Athleisure Eyewear

One of the most successful eyewear collections of Prada is its Prada Linea Rossa Collection. Originally named as the Prada Sport line, this line goes way back to 1984 when the brand debuted its iconic nylon backpack — a bold move during a time when other high-end brands were using only luxurious textiles. This led to the debut of the Prada Sport line in 1997, a line dubbed by the house as “metropolitan clothing with elements of technical mountain wear”.


In 2018, the fashion house relaunched the Prada Linea Rossa line, “underscoring its foundations and origins in 1990s sportswear, drawing on the precision of the lines and refinement of aesthetic that defined the look of the era”.

Sunglasses under this line are more sporty in aesthetic and function, representing the brand’s athleisure approach that is characterised by the most innovative technologies and bold designs. The Prada Linea Rossa Eyewear campaign in 2021 included a collaboration with the new generation sailors of the Luda Rossa Prada Pirelli team — the Italian team that represented the Circolo Della vela Sicilia yacht club in the 36th edition of the America’s Cup. Images from the campaign show visual projections of the challenges of the sailors. 


Taking inspiration from the world of sailing and technology, the Prada Linea Rossa Impavid collection is made using unique processes to ensure that the frames offer functionality and high performance in any weather conditions. 

The Retro Prada Cinéma Collection

Another iconic eyewear collection of the brand is the Prada Cinéma SS17 collection, which is a Prada Eyewear digital project comprised of images and videos that the brand launched on its official social media accounts, told with “irony the myriad facets of the female identity”. The Cinéma collection combines contemporary aesthetics with sophisticated femininity, featuring oversized frame fronts that are emphasised even more with shining metal elements with flat temple designs that Prada is known for. 


The first launch compromises of an oversized circular frame in unique colourways including the classic black and tortoiseshell. 

The Prada Cinéma Evolution is the next chapter of this project that’s inspired by the oneiric power of film — the glasses and sunglasses are the main stars of this story as they are used as narrative devised that trigger a playful dichotomy between perspective and perception, subject and object. Frames in this collection are all subtle cat-eye styles in both glasses and sunglasses form.


Styles in these two collections have a nostalgic factor while still being modern and trendy. Frames are oversized and bold, falling in line with the Prada aesthetic.

Celebrities Wearing Prada Glasses and Sunglasses

Prada eyewear has been spotted on more than a handful of stars, including A-list celebrities and artists like Beyoncé, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Katy Perry. Below are some celebrities who have been spotted in Prada glasses and sunglasses:

Fergie in Prada Baroque


Lady Gaga in Prada Baroque


Vanessa Hudgens in Prada Rectangular Frame


Rihanna in Prada Baroque


Kylie Jenner in Prada Linea Rossa 


Eva Mendes in Prada Baroque


Francesca Farago in PR17WS White


Mary-Kate Olsen in Prada Baroque


Sebastian Melrose in PR17WSF Black


Kayla Rich in PR23YS


Dua Lipa in PR14YS


Rina Sawayama in PR17W


Sebastian Robles in PR06YS


Pete Davidson in PR08YS


Remi Wolf in PR27NS


Madonna in PR63US


Behati Prinsloo in PR19US

Olivia Culpo in SPR19U


Saquon Barkley in PR54TV Opticals

Bad Bunny in SPR19U

Miley Cyrus PR27NS


Emily Ratajkowski in SPR13Q


It’s no doubt that Prada is one of the world’s leading luxury brands, and this fashion house’s eyewear line is on par with its other reputable products in terms of quality and design. Nothing screams Prada like the avant-garde, bold and timeless aesthetic that the house has so obviously aced in — the Prada Eyewear is that and more. This Italian house will continue to grow bigger and better than ever — the rest of us are in for a treat. 

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