HOYA Lenses - a history

HOYA Lenses - a history


HOYA always strives to create premium value lenses through innovation that bases on its advanced optics technologies. 37,000 employees in over 30 countries and regions, or more than 150 offices and subsidiaries around the world, strive to cater indispensable products as well as services to contribute in creating a healthy and progressive society.


Named after the same town where it began, HOYA started with the two brothers Shigeru and Shoichi Yamanaka. They originally called it Toyo Optical Glass Manufacturing. The company expanded and grew to become the now multinational HOYA Corporation.


HOYA Corporation was founded in the city of Hoya, Tokyo in 1941, by two visionary brothers, Shigeru and Shoichi  Yamanaka. For over 75 years, HOYA’s revolutionary healthcare and optical solutions have pushed technological boundaries for clients all over the world and became world-renowned in providing total eye care. 

HOYA started in 1941 as the first specialty maker of optical glass in Japan, which at that time, was a leading-edge industry. HOYA took on the challenge to build the new business all from the ground up. Today, the HOYA Company’s business expanded to the digital equipment and semiconductor industries. It also broadened its scope to Life Care, helping individuals lead a healthy and fulfilling life with its endoscopes, eyeglasses, and intraocular lenses. HOYA’s core technologies help support the Company’s development as the “technological innovator” company.

HOYA Core Technologies

Glass Formation Technologies

Hoya produces more than 100 different varieties of optical glass, working from a proprietary “recipe book” that contains over 50,000 different ways to manufacture glass. Hoya carefully selects the purest materials from around the globe, and combines them in a multitude of ways to create an endless variety of glass products with optical characteristics that precisely match market needs. In recent years, as digital cameras have increased in picture definition and functionality, there are increasing demands in terms of refraction, dispersion, light transmittance, degree of homogeneity and other optical properties. From optical material development to lens manufacturing, Hoya creates optical systems that meet each individual customer´s needs for all types of optical product.

Glass Melting Technologies

Hoya melts glass at around 1,300℃ to 1,500℃, which enables it to produce high-quality glass that is extremely even and homogeneous. The Company introduced platinum furnace and electric melting systems ahead of other companies, and has adopted a continuous melting process. As a result, Hoya offers its customers an extremely stable supply of high-quality products.

Moulding Technologies

Molten glass can be continuously moulded into a variety of different shapes, permitting efficient production of optical glass. Hoya´s use of extremely high-precision press moulding techniques enables the Company to produce moulded aspherical lenses without the need for time-consuming grinding and polishing processes. These technologies allow Hoya to conduct mass production with measurement tolerances at the sub-micron level. Following the merger with Pentax, Hoya has added plastic moulding technologies to its capabilities. All aspects of production, from the elaborate designs needed for aspherical lenses to production processing are carried out internally.

Polishing Technologies

Glass substrates are ground and polished to a designated degree of thickness. The grinding process involves the use of diamond grindstones that smooth out bumps, hollows and other irregularities in the substrate, using special polishing powders to produce an ultra-smooth surface. Hoya´s highest precision products are the mask blanks and photomasks used in the production of semiconductors, which are polished flat to an accuracy of one thousandth of a millimetre, with a surface roughness of only one millionth of a millimetre. These polishing technologies are also used in interchangeable lenses for SLR cameras and advanced lens modules for compact cameras.

Thin Film Technologies

Hoya developed its surface treatment technologies beginning with anti-reflective coatings for optical filters. It has continued to refine these technologies by developing coatings for eyeglass lenses and in mask blanks and glass magnetic-memory disks. Today, Hoya uses these technologies for a wide range of product types, from cameras to endoscopes.

Precision Processing (Lithographic Technologies)

The photomasks employed in the production of semiconductors stand at the pinnacle of the world of high-tech products that require ultra-precise processing technologies. Leading-edge lithographic technologies are used to etch extremely fine circuit patterns with line widths of only several tens of nanometers. Hoya is challenging the limitations of technologies and pushing back the frontier of physical materials, providing assistance to semiconductor makers who continue to develop products that perform better and achieve ever greater integration.

Optics Design

Hoya´s optical products are used in a wide variety of applications, from eyeglass and contact lenses to endoscopes and lenses for digital cameras and optical pickups. The driving force behind all these offerings is Hoya´s optical design technology. Hoya develops all the core technologies needed for optical design in-house. Examples include software such as programs for optimising optical properties and an imaging performance simulator that combines geometric and wave optics, as well as hardware such as interferometers and simulators that enable users to confirm performance

directly. Making use of these technologies and tools, Hoya generates advanced, unique optical design.

Optomechatronics Technologies

Based on Pentax´s optical design technologies and precision processing technologies accumulated over the years since its founding, optomechatronics is an engineering technology used in finished products, the sum of the technologies used in camera lens modules and endoscopes. Going forward, Hoya will continue to pass on these proprietary optomechatronics technologies for use in creating products that feature unique creativity and ease of use.


HOYA Spectacle Lenses

HOYA’s lenses uses the free-form surfacing that treats the surfaces of the lenses as a series of individual points. HOYA engineers cut along multiple axes at the pixel level. This precision means that every lens may be optimised with every prescription. HOYA can even incorporate fitting, frame, and wearing parametres to the calculation of the lenses. Therefore, you can have lenses that are highly personalised, every time.


Hoya Single Vision Lenses

The key ingredient of the many of HOYA’s single vision lenses would be the TrueForm Technology. With the TrueForm, the prescriptions are individually calculated, produced to improve the lenses’ optical acuity and performance. Also, the patented models of binocular evaluation minimise and pinpoint distortions, thus, providing a clearer peripheral vision and a greater eyewear user comfort.

Single vision lenses are designed to have the same prescription all through the entirety of te lenses. They are best used to correct astigmatism, long-sightedness, and short-sightedness.

Individual Lens

Nulux iDentity V+

HOYA created these lenses with the use of the latest research and a cutting edge technology. The lenses are tailored into the exact parametres for your visual needs. With the Nulux iDentity V+, every prescription is calculated individually. They are produced with the use of a point by point free-form calculation and surfacing in order to improve the optical acuity and the visual sharpness of the entire lenses. The benefits are:

  • Vision is focused in all directions
  • Visual fields are clear and natural at all times
  • Quality is the highest
  • Aesthetic appearance is superior

Special Lens

Nulux Active TrueForm

These Lenses makes using digital devices like computers and smartphones a lot easier. The design has a slight plus progression towards the lens’ bottom. The Nulux Active TrueForm helps keep the eye from continued focusing and refocusing. Thus, it helps reduce eye strain and optical fatigue. These lenses include benefits like:

  • Additional optical support that enables better and longer performance
  • Makes focusing and refocusing effortless
  • Clear and relaxed vision at all distances and in all directions
  • Helps make future transition smoother for younger presbyopes from single vision lenses into multifocal lenses

Hoya Progressive Lenses

Hoya’s progressive lenses are known to be one of the most sophisticated in the market. Progressive lenses serves as the best option in correcting presbyopia or the age-related near-vision deterioration. This type of lenses allows your vision to keep seing far, intermediate, and near distances all in a single lens.



Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+

These type of progressive lenses have each lens adapted to take into account each individual wearing parametres and are customised to the each users unique lifestyle. The key benefits are:

  • High accuracy correction for that maximum visual acuity and also crisper image
  • Wider near as well as intermediate fields of vision which are ideal for mobile or digital device use and reading
  • Natural and stable vision even if you are moving around
  • Variations of two designs to suit individual needs

Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+

Eyes may have different prescriptions which can possibly cause imbalance of vision. However, Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ can help with that. These lenses are the first kind of progressive lenses with the individualised lens design that balances the difference for each eye. The key benefits include:

  • 100% personalised lens that’s easy to adapt to
  • Effortless and perfect focusing
  • Excellent vision depth
  • Crystal-clear, natural, and stable vision
  • A cutom-made solution to every specific vision needs



Hoya Indoor Lenses

HOYA’s indoor lenses are created for comfortable and perfect vision in the workplace environment. The design of these lenses gives the user optimal vision for those near distance tasks like reading a document or viewing a computer screen. Indoor lenses give great benefits, for the ability to see at work can affect posture in tasks like using the computer. Thus, the use of HOYA’s indoor lenses may reduce back pain as well as help one to have a relaxed posture, and make you work more productively.


These indoor lenses help you get a clear and also detailed vision with specific tasks for specialist hobbies and professions. The lenses are available in three different grades according to your needs.


Standard lenses

Standard lenses are great value for money. They are a good choice for large-scale computer work for they provide a wide depth of vision for both near and intermediate distances. The improved width and depth correction makes these lenses a good alternative to the traditional reading lenses.


Premium lenses

Premium lenses are best for those who mostly uses the computer. They are good for reading, as well as effective office lenses which provide a natural switch to the general office surroundings from the screen of the computer.


Advanced lenses

Advanced lenses are all customised for the specialist users and uses TrueForm Technology that come in these three types.


Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ Space
Especially suited for eyewear users performing activities which focuses a little more distant than a computer screen. Provides a crystal clear vision when up close and an infinite sharp far vision.

The Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ lenses provide benefits like:

  • Excellent depth and width perception at near and intermediate distances; extremely suitable when using digital devices
  • Comfortable and smooth transitions between various distance areas
  • Accuracy at the highest level

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ Screen
Professions that need smooth and sharp width and depth vision for near distances of up to 2 metres.


Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ Close
Best for people with specialist professions and hobbies that require precision at high levels and need the widest possible vision field at near distances.


Hoya EnRoute Lenses

HOYA knows how important are eyewears to the driving people. The Hoya EnRoute lenses come in the single vision as well as in the progressive design types that provide a many benefits to motorists such as:

  • Reduced glare and reflections from oncoming traffic and streetlights
  • Better contrast and brightness experience while driving in low light conditions
  • Clear vision in the far distance, the dashboard and in mirrors
  • Easy switching between distances

These benefits make the driving experience more comfortable, relaxing, and safer. Lorry and van drivers can best benefit from using the HOYA EnRoute Pro which also has a filter that enhances contrast and a lens design that can factor in the driver vision with the dashboard viewing distance.


Hoya Sportive Sports Lenses

A must-have for all the spectacle wearers who always take their sports seriously. HOYA’s Sportive sports lenses provide an optimum optical correction suitable for curved sports frames and sunglasses. These lenses make those distortions at the edges a history.


These high-curved lenses designed for wrap-around frames provide a comfortable, snug fit and protection to both the front and side of every face. HOYA’s Sportive sports lenses feature:

  • Optimised lens designed for the high-curved frames with the unique prism compensation technology
  • Free-form surface based on the selected frames’ wearing parameters
  • High-based curves match the curvature of all sports frames
  • Choice of impact-resistant lens materials
  • 100% UV protection






Spectacle Lenses For Children And Kids

HOYA’s children’s lenses are designed such that they protect children’s eyes from the damaging UV light. Thus, making sure that children will grow up having healthy vision and will turn into clear-sighted adults. These lenses provide unmatched optical clarity, comfort, and protection. Because children get active and like some bits of rough and tumble, HOYA designed these lenses to be virtually durable. The lenses are made to withstand an impact from a 1kg steel ball when dropped from a 1.20m height. These lenses also prove to be one of the most easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and water and dirt repellent lenses among others in the market.



Special Lens Coatings For Spectacle Lenses

Coatings like the Blue Control, High Vision Long Life, and UV Control prolong the life and improve the optics of spectacle lenses.

Light Reactive Lenses

Lenses which are light reactive and tinted like the HOYA Sensity and Transition lenses are light adaptive and can enhance your lenses’ cosmetic look. This type of lenses also gives protection against all levels of light. Grey, brown, and green shades are available.

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